Jerome Eagger, Principal

Jerome Eagger, Principal

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Address: 7700 2nd St., Suite 300 Detroit, MI 48202
Phone: (248) 798-1075

Company: Summit Commercial LLC
Office Number: (313) 872-1300 ext.23
Office Address: 7700 2nd St., Suite 300 Detroit, MI 48202


Role and Responsibilities

Jerome Eagger is a seasoned real estate professional that has developed a great deal of knowledge over four decades of real estate experience in the commercial industry.  Jerome has participated in countless development, property management, construction and brokerage assignments during his extensive career.

Work Experience

Jerome is currently a partner at Summit Commercial LLC, a commercial real estate firm that specializes in the sale and leasing of commercial properties, including office, retail, educational, medical, multi-family and industrial properties.  Jerome oversees day to day business operations and generating leads for brokerage, property management and development opportunities.

For the past four years Jerome and the Summit Commercial team have represented the City of Detroit and the Detroit Building Authority in the sale and management of all of the City’s surplus commercial real estate. Jerome has been involved with both property management and real estate brokerage sales of over 7,000 City owned parcels.  At the inception of this project, there were very few comparable sales within Detroit to establish current market values.  Jerome’s real estate experience on this assignment has played an instrumental role in helping to re-establish a vibrant real estate market within the City. Through these efforts, several communities throughout the City, including Midtown, New Center, Corktown and countless neighborhoods are obtaining record level sale values that have exceeded past sales.

Mr. Eagger was formerly a Vice President of Development for the Farbman Group, a national full-service real estate company, for over 12 years.  In that capacity, he was responsible for over 100 million dollars of construction and development work receiving numerous architectural and development awards and acknowledgement for the completion of substantial projects throughout Michigan.

Additional Selected Accomplishments

  • Holds a Real Estate Broker’s license and a Limited Appraiser’s license
  • Bachelor’s Degree from Wayne State University in Marketing
  • Professional Realtor Designation
  • Current board member for the Village of Bethany Manor (Part of the Presbyterian Villages of Michigan). He is also on the Facilities Committee for Presbyterian Villages of Michigan
  • Development of Indian Village Manor Condominiums
  • Development of Lofts @ Woodward Center Apartments
  • Development of 200 River Place Condominiums
  • Development and Management of Paradise Valley